«Тем-то литература и привлекает, что там доступно все, о чем в реальной жизни крепко задумаешься — и побоишься, не сделаешь»

«Тем-то литература и привлекает, что там доступно все, о чем в реальной жизни крепко задумаешься — и побоишься, не сделаешь»

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Saint-Petersburg International Book Fair – one of the largest and most important events and its mission development and popularization of reading in Russia, and the promotion of Russian literature abroad. The organizers of the Book Fair are the Government of St. Petersburg and the Russian Book Union. Book Fair is supported by the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications. Book Fair's Operator is  ANO "Petersburg media projects".

Another XIII Book Salon will be hold from 17 to 20 May 2018.

Venue Book Salon - Mikhailovsky Manege (Winter Stadium) and surrounding street space - Manezh Square, Malaya Sadovaya  and Maple streets. Book Salon consists of two exhibitions: the main one located in the Mikhailovsky Manege, and street, located adjacent to the Manezh Maple Street. Successful Book Fair location and carried out in his run-up to a massive advertising campaign providing its high attendance.

By functional orientation Book Salon can be divided into two parts – the exhibition and fair, cultural and business. In the first publishing and bookselling organizations present visitors the widest range of books and related products, and trade. The cultural and business program of the Book Fair attended by officials, heads of publishing houses, booksellers, networks, Russian and international experts, writers, representatives of various funds supporting publishing projects, representatives of library and education community, cultural figures. In addition, during the Book Salon implemented an extensive professional program aimed at training and professional workers in the sector by means of dialogue with the leaders of the book market, participate in workshops and master classes. For the young participants organized Playground, Carnival literary characters, a variety of games and contests.

Participants Book Fair exhibitors have a unique opportunity to establish useful business relations with the largest Russian publishers and booksellers networks and gain access to international markets by establishing contacts with literary agents, both foreign and Russian, working abroad.

Please note that all negotiations concerning participation in the Book Salon, business correspondence by e-mail and registration of all documents are made only in Russian.








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